Project Description

Visiting the city from the base of Tampa


# our offer

We recommend that you reserve a day to visit Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. We ensure your transport during the day and the lunch meal served in one of the best restaurants in the city.

# about Brasov

Brasov town is situated in the central-eastern part of Romania, at the base of Tampa mountain. The city is split in two distinct parts: the area of baroque influence along the base of Tampa Mountain and Postavaru Massif and the industrial area. The main attraction is the old city – the Schei district, some charming area, keeping history and traditions alive.

Next to industry and business, Brasov is also a traditional university center.

# turist attractions

  • historical center: Republic Street and the Council Square
  • Black Church, one of the city symbols
  • Caterine’s Gate, built in XVI-th century
  • Schei Gate, towards Weaver’s Bastion
  • Rope Street, a 83 meters long street, having only 1-1,4 meters width.