Project Description

Great trails for hiking, biking and mountain biking


# our offer

Sonnenwald guest house is situated in Sacele, a town considered an access gate for two massive mountains, Ciucas and Piatra Mare. We drive you from the guest house to the start of the mountain itinerary and back, when you return.

# the mountains in the neighborhood

Piatra Mare Massive is a part of Barsa mountains, located in the South of Brasov Depression. On the map you will find it as belonging to Sub Carpathians of Curvature. The highest point has an altitude of 1.844 meters.

The Postavaru Massif also belongs to the Curvature Carpathians. It is located inside the Brasov Depression, really close to the North side of the Bucegi Mountains.

Piatra Craiului is a mountain range in the Southerns Carpathians. The translation means “Prince’s Stone” and the highest elevation in the massif is “Varful Omu” at 2.238 meters.

# a few moutain itineraries

  • Cabana Dambu Morii-Canionul Sapte Scari-Cabana Piatra Mare, 3h-4h, difficult
  • Cabana Dambu Morii-Cabana Piatra Mare-Varful Piatra Mare, 3h-4h, moderate
  • Cabana Dambu Morii-Drumul Tiganilor-Drumul Principal, 2h-3h
  • Cabana Dambu Morii-Cabana Bunloc, 1h, easy
  • Cabana Bunloc-Pestera de Gheata-Cabana Piatra Mare, 3h-4h, moderate
  • Sacele-Valea Garcinului-Varful Tilfa-Culmea Rentea, 3h-4h, moderate
  • Fantana lui Botorog – Prapastiile Zarnestilor – Cheia Pisicii – La Table (Saua Vladusca) – Sat Pestera – Dealul Munteanului – Fantana lui Botorog, 6h, moderate